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Almost everything else—the software, build quality, photo quality, and so on—all live up to expectations. It has a flat display with rounded corners and just a bit of bezel at the top and bottom. I appreciate immensely that Nokia didn't force a notch into this phone for the sake of looking like the iPhone.

The 6-inch p OLED provides ample real estate without the notch, and I prefer symmetric top and bottom bezels.

Nokia 9 PureView hands-on review

The rear glass panel tapers gently on the left and right edges, giving the phone a nice hand-friendly shape. Toward the top is the Nokia 9's most distinctive feature: the camera module consisting of seven circles arranged in a hexagon. Only five of these circles are cameras, but we'll talk about the camera performance later. Visually, it's an almost comical feature.

Everyone is instantly interested when they see the back of the Nokia 9 because it's so unusual. The Nokia 9 may have the best build quality of any HMD device so far. It has a dense, solid feel without being too heavy. Nokia has continued its tradition of bold chamfered edges. That used to be common on smartphones, but it has sadly fallen by the wayside. The aluminum frame of the phone has chamfers on both edges, and the buttons have their own chamfered edges.

Speaking of the buttons, they're stable and very tactile.

Nokia 9 PureView

The device is also IP67 water and dust-resistant. The vibration motor is one of the best I've used—it's strong and almost as tight as the Pixel 3. Instead of Nokia's standard rear-facing fingerprint sensor, the Nokia 9 uses an in-display sensor. I know that's very en vogue at the moment, but this was a catastrophic mistake. Having used in-display sensors on a number of phones, I can confidently say that it's very hard to get this right.

OnePlus handles the in-display sensor well, and Samsung is somewhere in the middle, but HMD is at the bottom of the barrel. This sensor is slow, prone to misreads, and so finicky that I hate using it. The phone constantly asks me to "try pressing a little harder," but you have to grind your finger into this phone until it turns white to have even a slim hope of getting a successful read. Even minor temperature variations also seem to throw it off. If your finger or the phone is slightly cold, the sensor just won't work.

For some reason, the optical sensor is about a third of the way up from the bottom of the screen. That's not the most comfortable spot, and it makes the reliability issues with the sensor even more frustrating. It's smack in the middle of UI elements like lock screen notifications, cancel buttons in apps, and the Android pattern unlock.

So, you press the sensor, it fails, and look at that, you're pressing a button. This phone is a bit more expensive than most HMD devices, but the packaging doesn't contain any notable extras.

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Sadly, there's no 3. Like all recent Nokia phones, this is an Android One device. That means stock Android Pie with guaranteed updates for two years.

You won't get updates as quickly as a Pixel, but it's the next best thing. If you've used a Pixel or even seen enough screenshots , the Nokia 9's software will be familiar. It doesn't have any of the Pixel-exclusive features like Call Screen or Now Playing, but it has all the other stock Pie things. That includes the new gesture navigation, and sadly, you can't go back to the buttons. The Nokia 9 PureView is a mostly snappy performer without a clunky custom UI or tons of pre-loaded apps. It's tough to bog the Nokia 9 down, but I've noticed it does slow down during app installs and after taking photos.

I've got no complaints about the battery life—the Nokia 9 lasts comfortably through a full day of usage with its mAh battery. With heavy use, the Nokia 9 manages around five hours of screen time over the course of a day or day and a half. That's slightly above average. So, it works with most of the chargers and batteries we feature on AP.

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As a nice bonus, this phone has Qi wireless charging. The multi-camera solution also enables some interesting alternative camera modes. Since there's are several monochrome sensors, you can take real black-and-white photos without needing to resort to a filter. In depth mode you can take a "full 12MP depth map" that contains 1, different layers of depth. This all gets bundled up into Google's " GDepth " depth map format and uploaded to Google Photos, where you can adjust depth of field and add bokeh days, weeks, or years after a photo is taken.

The multiple layers of depth should result in better depth shots. The Google Pixel's portrait mode only computes for two layers of depth —the subject and the background—so the entire background is evenly blurred.

The website you were trying to reach is temporarily unavailable.

That's not how depth of field works though. With 1, different layers of depth instead of two, things that are further away from the camera can be blurred more, and things that are closer can be blurred less. HMD said it had to team up with Google to make all this work in Google Photos, since it is really pushing the limits of Google's GDepth format with so many layers.

There are lots of fun things happening in the camera software, too. HMD teamed up with Adobe to make a camera profile for the Android version of Lightroom, so you can accurately develop photos right on your phone. HMD also has a new Pro Camera UI on the Nokia 9, allowing for exposure times of up to 10 seconds you'll definitely need a tripod , time lapse photography, and lots of manual mode adjustments. Of course, none of these specs and info can answer the real question about the Nokia 9: Are five cameras really better than one?

Putting five cameras on a device is expensive, so HMD will really need to justify this decision with some amazing images.

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Will this crazy new camera setup really turn in photos that are better than the Pixel 3 competition? To answer that, we'll need to wait for a review unit.

It is customizable by the end user. The phone can be unlocked by double tapping on the screen. Sliding and holding the lock screen up reveals 4 shortcuts, called the Quick Launcher.

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The Quick Launcher can also be accessed while using an application. The swiping UI of the N9, including the visual style and double-tap feature, was resurrected in the Nokia Asha platform , which was introduced on the Nokia Asha device in The reception for the device has been very positive, citing the MeeGo v1.

Still, many reviewers did not recommend to buy the N9 only because of Nokia's earlier decision to drop MeeGo for Windows Phone for future smartphones — often questioning this decision at the same time. Engadget 's editor Vlad Savov said in June that "it's a terrific phone that's got me legitimately excited to use it, but its future is clouded by a parent that's investing its time and money into building up a whole other OS.

The German Der Spiegel titles "this could have been Nokia's winner", [47] and the German magazine Stern describes it as one of the best devices ever made by Nokia. The Nokia N9 has not been released in most of the largest smartphone markets such as the U. Nokia did not disclose the number of sales for the N9.

In November , the Nokia N9 won 3 out of 4 applicable titles including design, camera and cellphone of the year at a gala held by Swedish magazine and webzine Mobil. In February , the N9 reached number 1 in ranking "by rate" with a rate of 8. The approach applied by Nokia is one of an open platform, with exception, and a closed user experience.

As with Maemo 5 on the Nokia N, the community can request a closed source component owned by Nokia to be released as open source. Nokia's decision to abandon MeeGo even after the N9's success left much of the team unhappy. Staff left to form a new company, Jolla , to continue development of MeeGo.

This resulted in a fork called Sailfish OS , which has been ported to the N9 see below and been released in two new smartphones created by Jolla. Images of an N9 prototype running Android 2.